Electimuss Luxury Perfume Series

Electimuss Luxury Perfume Series

Electimuss is now showcasing a unique series of meticulously developed luxury niche perfumes, including a beautifully constructed Pure Perfume range and exquisitely distinctive Limited Extrait edition. Delivering the most intense of olfactory experiences, a collection for the connoisseur

Electimuss Electimuss

To Chose The Best...

Derived from the Latin word meaning 'to choose the best', Electimuss takes inspiration from modern perfume in ancient Rome. The word perfume is derived from the Latin 'perfumas' meaning 'through smoke' and it was the Romans that refined the art of perfume making, using rare and exotic ingredients from across their vast empire.

To the average Roman man and woman, perfume was a necessity not a luxury. Men associated scent with health and bathed in perfumes, perfumed their clothes and even their horses while gladiators applied perfumed lotions before they fought. Wealthy women benefited from handmaidens, ‘Cosmetae’, much prized for their skills, who attended their mistresses and would pour treasured oils into the bath and onto the skin.

Perfume became a phenomenon as the wealthy and stylish bid to trump their friends and neighbours with more and more complex, costly and rare ingredients and it is estimated that by the first century AD Roman Society was consuming 2500 tons of Frankincense and 500 tons of Myrrh.

Luxury Niche Perfume

At Electimuss, fragrance is embraced as an indispensable part of grooming and ingredients, as the name implies, are selected from rarest and finest oils and resins from around the world including truffle, caviar, saffron, lotus flower, Mysore sandalwood and oud. Intensity is a key component of the Electimuss collection and ‘Electimuss Pure Perfume’  is a staggeringly indulgent 30% concentration, the most intoxicating way of experiencing luxury fine fragrance.

Finally, each bottle bears the ‘Vertragus’, ancestor of the modern greyhound “swifter than thought or a winged bird it runs” (Grattius) - the perfect olfactory metaphor.