Cygnuss Collection

It is said that Jupiter, king of the gods, seduced the beautiful Leda using the form of a swan, she subsequently laid two eggs, the first egg contained Helen of Troy, the most beautiful woman in the world, and her twin sister Clytemnestra. The second yielded Castor and Pollux, also known as Gemini.

The Electimuss Cygnus collection celebrates the beauty of the Swan, revered in Roman culture as a symbol of great beauty and strength and the magnificents of ancient craftsmanship. Truly a gift from the Gods.


Electimuss has worked with leading craftsmen using techniques passed down through generations to create a stunning Incense Burner (Mubkhur) in the shape of a swan’s egg – for the ancient Romans a symbol of both great beauty and strength.

This resplendent orb has been designed to burn the bukhoor – small wood chips that secrete incense, much prized in both Ancient Rome & modern Middle Eastern Culture – here elevated to heady olfactory heights by the Electimuss perfumers.

Electimuss Cygnuss Set Comprises:

A 30ml limited extrait parfum, limited edition gold plated mubkhur and 11g of electimuss bukhoor.