Discovery Compendium

The tradition of feasting and gift-giving was established in ancient Rome, most specifically at the 5 day December festival the Saturnalia, which celebrated the winter solstice and hence the forthcoming spring. Gifts often included perfumes and perfume bottles given to both men and women – the more luxurious the greater the esteem!

In this spirit, Electimuss has created the Discovery Collection – a luxury boxed set of five fragrances from the Electimuss range in portable 15ml bottles. The perfect ‘tribute’ to the perfume lover and a delicious introduction to the artistry of Electimuss perfumes.

Discovery Compendium Contains:

Five 15ml bottles of Electimuss Perfume. Fragrances included are Incitatus, Platinum Muscus, Rhodanthe, Saggita & Venti.