Rhodanthe 50ml Parfum


Rose, the queen of flowers, has been surrounded by legends for millennia. The Roman’s believed that the rose was created by the goddess Diana, who turned a beautiful nymph (Rhodanthe) into the flower so that she could escape amorous suitors (whom the goddess turned into the thorns!).

Cupid was also said to have bribed the god of silence with the Rose and thus the Romans painted the flowers on their dining room ceilings to remind guests not to repeat what was said at dinner – a custom ripe for revival!

Part of the Electimuss luxury niche perfume collection. Rhodanthe has a magnificent rose scent, constructed from a Bulgarian rose absolute of outstanding beauty, combined with the famously psychotropic Datura Lily or Moon Flower – a classic combination; both vibrant and ethereal, sensual but just out of reach. Spicy geranium and violets join the bouquet as the rose intensifies and blends into warm earthy patchouli, sandalwood and white musk.

Rhodanthe Fragrance Notes

Bergamot • Coriander • Fresh Lemon • Violets • Raspberry
Bulgarian Rose • Lily • Saffron • Pink Pepper • Geranium • Jasmine • Orange Blossom • Tuberose
Patchouli • Amber • Vanilla • Musk • Guaiacwood • Oudh