Saggita 50ml Parfum


The golden champaca flower is possibly the most beautiful single floral scent in the world and synonymous with romance – one of Cupids five arrows (Saggita means ‘arrow’) was made from champaca! This Himalayan miracle of soft white blossom mixed with a rich fruit undertow opens with the bright, sherbet fizz of yuzu and bergamot. Then, it gently blends into the champaca oil which unfurls it’s soft apricot edges before growing in intensity, as the heady champaca absolute takes centre stage; its sweetness offset by a dash of bitter vetiver.

A fleshy musk joins the throng which increases the sumptuous lushness of the Saggita fragrance transporting the wearer, an ozonic freshness binding the whole.

Saggita Fragrance Notes

Green • Lemon • Citrus • Yuzu • Champaca Oil
Ylang Ylang • Jasmine • Magnolia • Aniseed • Apricot • Chamomile • Muguet
Sandalwood • Musk • Vanilla • Orris • Amber • Civet • Champaca Abs Vetiver