Venti 50ml Parfum


Venti is Latin for ‘wind’ and the 8 gods of the winds were worshipped both for their geniality; gentle winds bringing trade ships safely back to harbour and from fear; the raging storms that could wreck the fleet should they become displeased. Venti takes its inspiration from the former and exalts the beauty of scents borne on summer breezes.

The Mediterranean sea breeze bears the notes of mandarin blossom, rose and jasmine which waft into lush tuberose and gardenia. Nutmeg from Ceylon and an intense Madagascan vanilla sweep in on the exotic trade winds and the perfume finally reaches shore in Java and collects its cargo, a breath of vetiver and sweet musk, before hitching a ride on the Bali winds once more. Exotic and mellifluous; Venti is sophisticated, worldly and ever-changing!

Venti Fragrance Notes

Marine note • Mandarin • Peach • Cinnamon
Jasmine • Orange Blossom • Geranium
Patchouly • Myrrh • Vanilla • Ambergris • Benzoin