Rose, the queen of flowers, has been surrounded by legends for millennia. The Roman’s believed that the rose was created by the goddess Diana, who turned a beautiful nymph (Rhodanthe) into the flower so that she could escape amorous suitors (whom the goddess turned into the thorns!). Rhodanthe is a magnificent rose scent, constructed from a Bulgarian rose.


Meaning ‘swift’, Incitatus was the favourite horse of the emperor Caligula, an Arab stallion that, according to legend, lived in a stable of marble with an ivory manger and was fed oats mixed with gold leaf! This luxury fragrance, created for equestrian devotees around the globe. Incitatus is an olfactory hymn to the relationship between man and horse through 4000 years.


The golden champaca flower is possibly the most beautiful single floral scent in the world and synonymous with romance – one of Cupids five arrows (Saggita mean’s ‘arrow’) was made from champaca! This Himalayan miracle of soft white blossom mixed with a rich fruit undertow opens with the bright, sherbet fizz of yuzu and bergamot.


Discovered by the Roman’s, musk oil was used as both a fixative and a fragrance and is one of the original ingredients of this ancient art-form. Here, the sweet animalic beauty of musk is given a cool white ‘platinum’ sheen, a contemporary coverlet of metallurgy across a spicy/sweet scent


Venti is Latin for ‘wind’ and the 8 gods of the winds were worshipped both for their geniality; gentle winds bringing trade ships safely back to harbour and from fear; the raging storms that could wreck the fleet should they become displeased. Venti takes its inspiration from the former and exalts the beauty of scents borne on summer breezes.