Discovery Compendium

Discovery Compendium

The tradition of feasting and gift giving was established in ancient Rome, most specifically at the 5 day December festival the Saturnalia, which celebrated the winter solstice and hence the forthcoming spring. Gifts often included perfumes and perfume bottles given to both men and women – the more luxurious the greater the esteem!

In this spirit, Electimuss has created the Discovery Collection – a luxury boxed set of 5 fragrances from the Electimuss range in portable 15ml bottles. The perfect ‘tribute’ to the perfume lover and a delicious introduction to the artistry of Electimuss perfumes.

Electimuss Cygnuss Collection

Cygnuss Collection

Queen Leda of Sparta was visited by Jupiter, King of the Gods, in the guise of a Swan who subsequently laid two eggs. The first egg contained Helen of Troy, the most beautiful woman in the world, and her twin sister Clytemnestra. The second yielded Castor and Pollux, also known as Gemini.

Electimuss has worked with leading craftsmen to produce a stunning Incense Burner (Mubkhur) in the shape of a swan’s egg – for the ancient Romans a symbol of both great beauty and of strength. This lustrous orb has been designed to burn the bukhoor – small wood chips that secrete incense, much prized in Middle Eastern Culture – here raised to heady olfactory heights by the Electimuss perfumers.